mezcal Joven (Young)

Mezcal Joven (Young)

Category of mezcal:

Young (Triple distillation)

mezcal Brand:

Los Amantes Mezcal

Production process:


Region of elaboration:

Tlacolula de Matamoros, Oaxaca

Alcohol Degrees:

40% Alc. Vol.

Product Description:

A single young mezcal, distilled with detail three times. Keeps the characteristics of our own double distilled mezcals but expressed more subtly, they’re identifiable fruit tones and mildly smoked; you can taste citrus and sweet flavors (cooked agave), at the end the notes are slightly metallic and herbaceous.

It basically involves the cutting of the maguey (capons), cooking in a stone and wood oven, grinding in a stone mill moved by horse, natural fermentation in wooden tubs, triple simple distillation.

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